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Grenoble Court of Appeal, 5 July 2018, Monsieur Louis L v. SAS Bonneval Emergence, no. 18/01877

A person subscribed to the capital increase of a company (“Company”) but backed-out shortly after, without succeeding in obtaining the restitution of the funds disbursed, even after having initiated proceedings before various trial judges. The Company initiated arbitral proceedings against the subscriber on the basis of the arbitration clause included in its bylaws. To overcome [...]

Cour de Cassation, civil division, 4 July 2018, Honeywell matériaux v. Mr. X and Valeo, nos. 17-22103, 17-22105, 17-22106, 17-22107, 17-22109, 17-22111, 17-22113, 17-22114, 17-22115, 17-22116, 17-22117, 17-22.119, 17-22120, 17-22121, 17-22122 and 17-22123

The Cour de Cassation recalls that a jurisdictional plea based on the existence of an arbitration clause is inadmissible when it is raised for the first time before the Court of appeal.

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Cour de Cassation, commercial division, 4 July 2018, Société Banque Delubac et Cie v. Société M. Agrarhandel GmbH and Société Banque Delubac et Cie v. Werner Tiernahrung GmbH, nos 17-13067 and 17-13069

On 4 July 2018, the Cour de Cassation issued decisions in two cases with slightly different factual backgrounds but with the same solution. In the first case, the German company Mr. Agrarhandel GmbH and the French companies Tiwy and Etablissements Laboulet (“Laboulet”) sold sunflower seeds to each other. In the second case, another German company [...]

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Swiss Federal tribunal, 1st Court of civil law, 4 July 2018, X. S.P.A. v. Z. GmbH & Co, 4A_505/2017

A subcontract was concluded on behalf of a German contracting authority between a contractor, the Italian company X (“Claimant”) and a subcontractor, the German company Z (“Respondent”). Following a disagreement between the parties, the dispute was submitted to an arbitral tribunal under the auspices of the ICC, which ordered the plaintiff to pay the due [...]

United States Court of Appeal for the District of Columbia, 3 July 2018, The Republic of Argentina v. AWG Group Ltd, no. 16-7134

A US Court of Appeals upholds a district court’s decision to enforce a US$21 million UNCITRAL award against Argentina. In 1993, Argentina awarded a contract to a consortium of seven companies, including AWG Group which provided for investment in and operation of Argentina’s water services. In response to the 2001 economic crisis, Argentina froze the [...]

ICSID, 29 June 2018, A11Y Ltd. v. Czech Republic, ICSID Case no. UNCT/15/1, Award

On 29 June 2018, an arbitral tribunal, set in Paris and administratively supported by ICSID, issued a final award in favour of Czech Republic, defendant in the A11Y Ltd v. Czech Republic case brought by a UK investor. These proceedings were governed by the UNCITRAL Rules. The dispute arose from the Statement made by the [...]

Cour de Cassation, civil division, 28 June 2018, Total Outre-mer v. Mr. X., no. 17-17340

The company Total Outre-mer and Mr. X. are shareholders of the Algerian company Total Bitumes Algeria. They are bound by a shareholders’ agreement containing an option for Total Outre-mer to acquire the shares of minority shareholders in the event of disagreement. This agreement contains an arbitration clause. An arbitral award of 9 June 2009 ordered [...]

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1. Hi Jean-Rémy, before answering more specific questions, could you briefly tell us about your background? I first studied finance before switching to law. I did my Masters in International Law at Paris Nanterre University and then worked few years with Alain Pellet. Being part of these international teams of lawyers representing States before international [...]

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