L., a Cameroonian club affiliated to the Cameroon Football Federation, had requested from FIFA (in particular the Commission in charge of the organization of the preliminary rounds of competition for the 2018 World Cup) a postponement of the matches to be played between the Cameroon team and the other teams in its group.

According to the club, the representative of the Federation had not been validly elected, which made his decisions null, including the selection decisions of the coach of the national team and the selection of players. As FIFA refused to grant such postponements, the club filed a request for arbitration before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (“TAS”).

The sole arbitrator, designated by the TAS, ruled that he was incompetent. The club then lodged an appeal for annulment of the award before the Swiss courts.

The Federal Court upheld the inadmissibility of the appeal, finding that the football club does not show how it is affected by the decision and that it does not put forward any interest worthy of protection to the annulment of the award.