The Court of Justice and Arbitration (CCJA) issued an award in 2014 stating that the termination of a contract signed between Africard and Niger was wrongful and unfair.
The Court ordered Niger to pay damages. Africard requested the enforcement of the award in France, which was granted in 2015. Even if Niger’s action for annulment of the award and appeal of the enforcement had been dismissed, Niger sought a review of the award before the CCJA. This proceeding is currently pending. Niger summoned Africard before the President of the High Court of Paris to declare the review admissible and revoke the enforcement of the award. The tribunal stated that, according to French Law, a review of an award is allowed only against an award but not an exequatur order and should be requested before the arbitral tribunal. In addition, regarding French law, no judicial remedy against an exequatur order exists.