The “Clinique Juridique de la Sorbonne” is a French association created by students in 2015 at the University of Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne. Its aim is both to face the increasing need of legal advice from the people who usually do not have access to it and to improve the capabilities of the students.

There are different divisions within the association and now a brand new Alternative Dispute Resolution methods division called « pôle MARC ».

This new division has two goals. First, to prepare students to ADR methods through workshops, seminars and meetings with professionals. To this end, partnerships with local law firms will be concluded. Moreover, students will learn how to use their knowledge by preparing mock mediations, conciliations and arbitrations.

Second, once the students prepared, they will will deal with the cases brought by clients and organize mediations and conciliations. These will be always supervised by Professor Thomas Clay or another specialist.

As for arbitration, the students of the division will provide information to corporations wishing to incorporate arbitration clauses in their contracts and will help them by explaining the advantages of arbitration.