England and Wales High Court of Justice, 27 June 2018, Fehn Schiffahrts GMBH & Co v. Romani SPA, [2018] EWHC 1606 (Comm)

Fehn Schiffahrts GMBH (“Appellate”) chartered a vessel to Romani SPA (“Charterers”) for the purposes of transportation of cargo from Reni (Ukraine) to The Netherlands (Rotterdam). In two bills of lading, the consignee named was SC Justorganic Srl. Prior to discharge at Rotterdam, the cargo of sunflower seeds and wheat was fumigated. On the basis of [...]

PwC International Arbitration damages research – 2017 update

PwC published a new version of its research paper on damages assessment in international arbitration. The paper confirms a huge disparity in the relative monetary positions of parties’ and the actual amounts awarded by tribunals. Tribunals are being increasingly proactive in trying to narrow the gap, including by means of bifurcating, joint meetings, witness conferencing [...]

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