US District Court for the District of Columbia, 9 December 2017, Hulley enterprises, Yukos Universal and Veteran Petroleum v. Baker Botts LLP, Misc. Case No. 17-1466 (BAH)

Yukos shareholders sought the reconsideration of the denial of their application to compel discovery. The discovery aimed at obtaining all communications among attorneys within the respondent firm, involving its long-standing client Rosneft and Russian Federation. The petitioners claimed Rosneft had manipulated Armenian Yukos-related proceedings. The Court dismissed the application finding no “clear error” occurred or [...]

Paris Court of Appeal, 5 October 2017, Commisimpex v. Etablissement Porte Autonome de Pointe Noire (PAPN) & BMCE, no. 17/06220

By an ICC award, Republic of the Congo was ordered to pay a certain amount of money to Commisimpex. The latter attached the assets of the Republic of the Congo and its subdivisions in BMCE’s hands. PAPN summoned Commisimpex in order to vacate the attachment. On its side, Commisimpex requested a compulsory joinder of BMCE [...]

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