Paris Court of Appeal, 23 January 2018, Sovarex v. Cargill, no. 16/15258

The dispute arose out of a contract for cargoes of sunflower seeds. The empire, an arbitrator acting as a third arbitrator after the two previously appointed arbitrators disagreed, rendered an arbitration award in London. One of the parties brought set-aside proceedings before the Paris Court of Appeal. The court rejected as inadmissible the suit for [...]

Cour de Cassation, Civ. 1, 13 September 2017, Orion Satellite Communications v. Federal State Unitary Enterprise Russian Satellite Communications Company, no. 16-16468

Orion sought enforcement of a foreign arbitration award in France. The principal amount was subject to annual interest based on Libor [The London Interbank Offered Rate]. The enforcement was contested by the other party. The Cour de Cassation ruled that: - In the framework of enforcement, the judge may not substitute one interest rate with [...]

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High Court of Paris, 6 September 2017, Republic of the Niger v. Africard, no. 17/54338, Summary judgement

The Court of Justice and Arbitration (CCJA) issued an award in 2014 stating that the termination of a contract signed between Africard and Niger was wrongful and unfair. The Court ordered Niger to pay damages. Africard requested the enforcement of the award in France, which was granted in 2015. Even if Niger’s action for annulment [...]

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