Amsterdam District Court, 5 January 2018

Two investors acquired - through companies - gas license on Kazakh territories which were terminated in 2013. The Tribunal of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce ordered the payment of $520 million for the violation of the Energy Charter. Since then, the investors try to initiate execution procedures while the State is fighting to unblock its [...]

SCC, 22 December 2017, Naftogaz v. Gazprom

In 2014, Gazprom voided discounts previously granted on Gas exports in Ukraine to Naftogaz. In response, Naftogaz filed a request for arbitration before the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC) for $15 billion, concurrently, Gazprom counterclaimed for the non-payment of Gas orders previously delivered up to $50 billion. On 22 December, the Arbitral Tribunal did not [...]

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