Court of appeal of the state of California, 1 June 2018, Rockefeller Technology Investment (Rockefeller Tech.) v. Changhzou Sinotype Technology Co., Ltd. (SinoType), no. B272170

SinoType (“Appellant”) was ordered to pay $ 414 million to Rockefeller Tech following arbitration proceedings in which the company did not participate. The Superior Court of Los Angeles City, in a default procedure initiated by Rockefeller Tech, recognized the award. SinoType was notified about the procedure and the decision by post, as provided for in the [...]

England and Wales High Court, 16 November 2017, Glencore Grain v. Conqueror, no. CL-2016-000684

A dispute arose between Glencore Grain and Conqueror. Conqueror sent a notice of arbitration to the email address of an employee of Glencore Grain who left the company in September 2016. Glencore Grain did not take part in the arbitration proceeding and was unaware of it until the notification of the award on 28 October [...]

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