Lyon Court of Appeal, 15 February 2018, le sheikh A. Faisal B. v. Credit Foncier de France, no. 17/08585

Under a contract dated 10 July 2008, Sheikh Faisal personally guaranteed for a loan given by the Crédit Foncier for his company Gulf Leaders in the construction of a hospital in Saudi Arabia. Under a dispute, two arbitration proceedings have been initiated, one on the loan contract, the other on the contract of guarantee, before [...]

Lyon Court of Appeal, 8 February 2018, Sedes holding v. Chantier Naval Couach, no. 15/07758

A company is brought before the Toulon commercial court. The company invokes an arbitration agreement of which it is not a signatory party but is concluded by a company of the same group (both companies being owned by the same person). Claimant contends that the arbitral tribunal has already declined its jurisdiction over the joined [...]

Lyon Court of Appeal, 12 January 2018, Unis Fish & Food Villefranche v. Fauchon, no. 16/03639

A provision providing for the parties committing themselves to submit any dispute regarding validity, performance or interpretation of the contract before the International Arbitration Chamber of Paris shows parties’ intent to submit any dispute arising from the contract to arbitration.

Lyon Court of Appeal, 11 January 2018, CWI Corporate v. Le Rendez-Vous du Multimédia, no. 14/10130

Two companies concluded a contract including an arbitration clause. One of the companies deemed the other one did not entirely pay a debt and brought an action before commercial courts. The defendant raised a jurisdictional objection in favour of the arbitral tribunal. Yet trial judges dismissed this objection, stating that it had to be raised [...]

Lyon Court of Appeal, 21 November 2017, no. 17/01661

A partner of a notary office wanted to appeal an arbitral award under the former version of Article 1484 of the French Code of Civil Procedure [arbitral awards might be appealed unless the parties agreed otherwise]. He justified its application by the adoption of the office internal regulation in 2008, which contained an arbitration clause. [...]

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