Singapore High Court, 26 April 2018, China Machine New Energy Corp (CMNC) v. Jaguar Energy Guatemala LLC [2018] SGHC 101

On 26 April 2018, the Singapore High Court refuses to set aside an award in favour of Jaguar Energy Guatemala. The dispute originated in the construction of a coal-fired power plant in Guatemala by CMNC. In both contracts concluded by the parties, the arbitration clause provided for an expedited arbitral procedure, with the tribunal required [...]

Singapore High Court, 31 October 2017, BNP and another v. BNR, [2017] SGHC 269, Originating Summons no. 359 of 2017

An arbitration clause contained in a shareholders’ agreement provided at the same time for ICC arbitration and, if the parties were not able to agree upon the sole arbitrator, for a 3-arbitrators tribunal, one of whom was to act as an umpire [in arbitration doctrine, an umpire is not a member of the panel; he/she [...]

High Court of the Republic of Singapore, 14 August 2017, Swissbourgh Diamond Mines (Switzerland) v. Kingdom of Lesotho, [2017] SGHC 195, summons no. 492 of 2016

The High Court set aside the award in its entirety for the lack of jurisdiction of the Arbitral Tribunal. It was stated by the Court that the Defendants’ right to submit disputes to a tribunal was not an “investment” within the meaning of applicable text.

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