Paris Court of Appeal, 22 May 2018, Spouses Z v. ITM Sud Ouest, no. 16/24803

A trade-name license agreement for the operation of a store was concluded between ITM and Joriane, a company controlled and managed by the Spouses Z. In 2002, ITM undertook to buy (“promesse unilatérale d’achat”) the shares of Joriane company over a period of 10 years, this unilateral commitment included an arbitration clause. A decision in [...]

OHADA Justice and Arbitration Court, First chamber, 26 April 2018, Technifer GC v. Injelec SARL, 096/2018

The Court declared inadmissible the appeal formed by the Technifer GC against the decision ruling on its request for annulment of an arbitral award. The Court states that the appeal was both against the arbitral award and against the order which had ruled on the application for annulment. According to Article 25 of the OHADA [...]

Paris Court of Appeal, 10 April 2018, Mr. Bernard Z, Ms Régine Y & Varfon v. ITM Alimentaire Ouest, no. 16/16588

Due to issues with payment in the framework of a supply contract, a company brought an action before an ad hoc arbitral tribunal. The latter rendered an award on 21 June 2016, ordering the defendants to pay a certain amount of money. The defendants brought an action for the annulment of the award, on the [...]

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