High Court of Justice of England and Wales, 24 April 2018, Dreymore Fertilisers Overseas PTE Ltd. v. Eurochem Trading GMBH [2018] EWHC 909

Dreymoor (plaintiff) is an international trading company based in Singapore and ECTG (defendant) is a production company in the field of phosphate mineral fertiliser production based in Switzerland. Both companies have Russian entities as final beneficiaries. In this case, two jurisdictional challenges were brought by Dreymoor, on one hand, under section 67 of the Arbitration [...]

Paris Court of Appeal, 27 March 2018, ANTRIX CORPORATION LIMITED v. DEVAS MULTIMEDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, no. 16/03596

Antrix Corporation Ltd (“Antrix”), Indian national company responsible for promoting and marketing the Indian Space Agency’s products and services, entered into, with the Indian company Devas Multimedia Private Ltd (“Devas”), an agreement for the provision of a spectrum on the “band S” in exchange for the payment of a sum denominated “upfront capacity reservation fees”. [...]

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