United States Court of Appeal for the District of Columbia, 3 July 2018, The Republic of Argentina v. AWG Group Ltd, no. 16-7134

A US Court of Appeals upholds a district court’s decision to enforce a US$21 million UNCITRAL award against Argentina. In 1993, Argentina awarded a contract to a consortium of seven companies, including AWG Group which provided for investment in and operation of Argentina’s water services. In response to the 2001 economic crisis, Argentina froze the [...]

Paris Court of Appeal, 30 January 2018, Thalasso v. Société de Transport et de Tourisme Al Jazira et al., no. 16/11761

A dispute arose over hotel allotment contracts. The award was rendered and exequatured. Thalasso, travel agency, lodged an appeal against two orders of exequatur invoking five different heads. Among others, Thalasso invokes lack of revelation and an alleged breach of equality between the parties. The Court held that well-known facts (such as participation of the [...]

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