Grenoble Court of Appeal, 5 July 2018, Monsieur Louis L v. SAS Bonneval Emergence, no. 18/01877

A person subscribed to the capital increase of a company (“Company”) but backed-out shortly after, without succeeding in obtaining the restitution of the funds disbursed, even after having initiated proceedings before various trial judges. The Company initiated arbitral proceedings against the subscriber on the basis of the arbitration clause included in its bylaws. To overcome [...]

Cour de cassation, 1 civ., 13 December 2017, Cameroun v. ICC, no. 16-22131

Following a breach of a contract, a company filed a request for arbitration to ICC. ICC suspended the arbitration proceedings for default of advance payment of arbitration costs. The company therefore sued ICC before the President of the Paris High Court (judge acting in support of the arbitration) for denial of justice. The Cour de [...]

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