The “Clinique Juridique de la Sorbonne” has a new division specialized in dispute resolution methods

The “Clinique Juridique de la Sorbonne” is a French association created by students in 2015 at the University of Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne. Its aim is both to face the increasing need of legal advice from the people who usually do not have access to it and to improve the capabilities of the students. There are different [...]

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Paris Court of Appeal, 27 March 2018, RIVERSTONE v. M. B… FELDMAN and KRAMER LEVIN NAFTALIS & FRANKEL LLP lawfirm, no. 15/10183

Two companies, CTR (absorbed by Riverstone) and ICD concluded several reinsurance treaties including arbitration clauses. ICD company has been wound up and the liquidator pursued arbitration proceedings against Riverstone and other reinsurers. The arbitral tribunal ordered Riverstone to pay a sum of money to ICD and found that as Riverstone did not report its debt [...]

Cour de cassation, 2 civ., 22 March 2018, Développement de l’agro-alimentaire du terroir & Consorts Y v. SHDA, no. 17-11.057

Following an assignment of shares, SHDA brought an action before a High Court with several claims. Consorts Y raised a jurisdictional plea for the benefit of the arbitral tribunal in accordance with the arbitration clause stipulated in the shares protocol. They objected the order of the pre-trial judge who stated that the state courts were [...]

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England and Wales Court of Appeal, 13 March 2018, Allianz Insurance v. Tonicstar, [2017] EWHC 2753 (Comm)

The Court of Appeal confirmed the appointment of a British QC as arbitrator in a reinsurance dispute relating to the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. The lower court previously found that the QC lacked the necessary experience. The standard set of clauses in common use in the London market for excess of loss [...]

Supreme Court of India – Civil Appellate Jurisdiction, 13 March 2018, Bar Council of India v. A.K. Balaji and ORS., no. 7875-7879 of 2015

The Supreme Court of India has ruled that foreign law firms and lawyers have “no absolute right” to conduct international commercial arbitrations in India but that they may not be debarred from conducting arbitration proceedings in India on a “fly in and fly out” basis, subject to their submission to the code of conduct applicable [...]

Versailles Court of Appeal, 9 February 2018, Cabinet Patrick D. v. Serge Conti, CONTI & SCEG, MMA IARD ASSURANCES MUTUELLES, no. 16/01837

An accounting firm requested the payment of invoices by its client in the arbitration procedure administered by the Order of Chartered Accountants. The arbitral tribunal ordered the client to pay less than half the amount sought. The firm turned to its representative in the proceedings, criticising the conduct and conditions of the arbitration proceedings. In [...]

Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal, 18 July 2017

The Solicitors Regulation Authorities sentences the local office of an American international law firm to a record fine of 250,000 pounds for negligence with regards to conflict of interests. A partner in the law firm was also sentenced to an individual fine of 50,000 pounds. The Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal confirms this ruling. The law firm [...]

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