ICC, 29 November 2017, Blackberry v. Nokia

An ICC award issued on 29 November 2017 has ordered the famous Canadian operator Blackberry, to pay US$137 million to Finnish operator Nokia, after the failure of payments under a patent licensing agreement. Starting in April of 2017, the arbitration was marked by Blackberry’s acceptance of the terms of decision of the arbitral tribunal, which [...]

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ICC, September 2017, Nokia v. LG Electronics

According to a press release from Nokia, an ICC arbitral tribunal has issued an award in arbitration proceeding between Nokia and LG. LG previously took a royalty-bearing smartphone patent license from Nokia. The companies decided to bring the issue of payment obligations before the arbitral tribunal. The content of the award is confidential but Nokia [...]

2018-01-14T18:46:43+01:00September 30th, 2017|ICC, International awards|0 Comments
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