Versailles Court of Appeal, 6 April 2018, Syndicat Mixte des aéroports de Charente (SMAC) v. Ryanair Designated Activity Company and Airport Marketing Services, no. 17/03565

SMAC, a public company, concluded two contracts with Ryanair Limited and Airport Marketing Services Limited (AMS), two Ireland based companies. These contracts related to the opening of an air route between Angouleme and London and advertising services. Both contracts contained an LCIA arbitration clause. A dispute being arisen between the parties, Ryanair Limited and AMS [...]

Paris Court of Appeal, 21 March 2018, SMP Technologies v. Axon Enterprise, no. 18/01877

The Axon Enterprise company, known as the manufacturer of the “Taser” weapons entrusted a French company the exclusive distribution of its product in the French territory. In the distribution contract, Article 13 provided that in the event of a dispute, an arbitration under the American Arbitration Association Rules, with the place of arbitration fixed in [...]

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