Swiss Federal tribunal, 1st Court of civil law, 26 July 2018, X. v. Y, 4A_404/2017

The dispute was related to the successive transfer of company Z’s shares from company U to company X, and from company X to company Y. Regarding the first transfer, the share transfer agreement provided that the original vendor (the U company) would remain in charge of disputes relating to funds transferred abroad (offshore) and that [...]

Swiss Federal tribunal, 1st Court of civil law, 20 July 2018, X. v. Z. Ltd, 4A_578/2017

Following the persistent delay of a football club in the payment of wages to a player, the latter gave notice to the club to pay him the amounts due, then proceeded to the unilateral termination of the employment contract. The next day, the club paid the amounts due and ordered the player to attend training. [...]

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