2017 ICC preliminary statistics

A total of 810 new cases (involving 2,316 parties from 142 countries) were filed in 2017 against 966 cases filed in 2016. Out of these 810 cases four relate to investment arbitration. The average amount in dispute in the newly-registered cases amounts to USD 45 million with over 60% of all cas es filed having [...]

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2017 SCC statistics

In 2017 SCC registered 200 cases (involving parties from 40 countries), 96 being international and 104 Swedish; 108 being administered under the SCC Rules and 72 - under the SCC Rules for Expedited Arbitrations. The SCC also administered 3 Emergency Arbitrator proceedings. Over 80% of the six challenges were rejected.

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2017 PCA Statistics

In 2017 PCA registered 41 news cases (out of 160 in overall). The administered cases included 7 interstate arbitrations, 97 investor-State arbitrations (the summaries can be found in the report), and 55 cases arising under contracts involving a State or other public entity or public interest. The PCA Secretary-General received 15 requests to act as [...]

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ICSID releases its 2017 statistics

In 2017 ICSID registered 53 new cases. To establish ICSID Jurisdiction the parties mostly invoked BITs (69%), investment contracts (10%), investment law of the host-State (7%) and Energy Charter Treaty (7%). Most cases were related to Eastern Europe and Central Asia (36%), Sub-Saharan Africa (15%) and Middle East and North Africa (15%). Among the awards [...]

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