Paris Court of Appeal, 23 January 2018, Stéphane D. v. Antoine R., no. 15/15594

The dispute decided by arbitration related to the transfer of shares. The award was set aside by the Court of Appeal. The plaintiff summoned before the Court an intermediary company in the transfer of shares. The Court dismissed the application since it ruled on the merits within the limits of the arbitrator’s mission and the [...]

Cour de Cassation, Civ. 2, 11 January 2018, Pierre Estoup v. Bernard Tapie et al., no. 16-24740

An appeal is brought against the decision of the Paris Court of Appeal of 27 September 2016 declaring inadmissible the third objection brought by Judge Estoup in the Tapie case. The third opposition was intended to declare non-binding the magistrate Estoup, the judgment rendered by the Court of Appeal of Paris of February 17, 2015, [...]

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